Friends of Charnwood Museum Talks update

Posted: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 11:05

Friends of Charnwood Museum Talks update

Due to unforeseen circumstances the talk by Michele Saunders on July 22nd has been cancelled, however the Friends of Charnwood Museum have sourced an alternative speaker for the same date and time.

Julian Richards will be joining the Friends via Zoom to deliver 'Inspired by Stonehenge'

Although he is well known as an Archaeologist and Broadcaster, Julian Richards has from an early age been a keen collector of antiques and curios. He is currently curating an exhibition of his extensive collection Stonehenge memorabilia at Herne in Germany. In his lecture Julian will be looking at a cultural history of Britain's most iconic prehistoric monument. How its representations have changed through time and the many ways in which the monument has been co-opted into popular culture.

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