Permanent Displays

Coming to Charnwood

People have been coming to Charnwood for centuries; to work, to live or just to visit.

Find out how different groups of people have contributed to Charnwood life from 'Stone-age' settlers to today's richly diverse population.

  • Dig through the layers of history and find out why archaeologists like old rubbish
  • Investigate the 4,000 year old burial of the Cossington child
  • View ancient everyday items and sparkling treasures from prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Medieval times

The Natural World of Charnwood

The Geology and Flora and Fauna of Charnwood is some of the most important in the country; discover how Charnwood became famous when one of the world's oldest fossils was found.

  • Zoom in on various items like ladybirds and cluster flies with our video microscope.
  • Peep under rocks, in cracks and crevices to find the creatures that hide in Charnwood Forest. Will you 'spot the squirrel'?
  • Watch out for the Barrow Kipper! This Jurassic marine reptile still 'swims' under the floor of the Museum.

Living off the land

People have farmed and worked the countryside of Charnwood for thousands of years. Find out about the crops they grew, the animals they bred, the equipment they used, and how these changed over time.

  • Discover about quarrying in Charnwood
  • Have a go at basket weaving
  • See a huge chair carved out of a single oak tree!

Earning a Living

The changing industries of Charnwood and the many thousands of skilled people who have worked in them have produced goods that have been exported all over the world.

Find out more about some of Loughborough's important manufacturing industries.

  • Discover why stockings caused Loughborough's people so many problems.
  • Have a go at lifting with cranes
  • Find out about Auster aircraft
  • Discover the wonderful world of Ladybird Books and let our chair tell you a story!
  • Shop at Gilbert's, the Victorian grocer's shop