Home School with Charnwood Museum

With another lockdown seeing schools closed, we thought we would try and help out with some Home Schooling activities based on our brilliant collections!

We have tried to offer a variety of topics and have also looked at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

We would love to know how you get on with them, so please share how you are getting on with it all on social media!

Charnwood Rocks - Part 3

Charnwood Rocks - the third part in the trilogy! Pick up where our second activity left off and find out more about Charnwood's Geology.

The Science of Farming

Did you know that there had been a farming revolution? Did you know that a key figure in it is local to Charnwood? Find out more with our Home School activity!

Robert Bakewell

Charnwood Rocks - Part 2

Charnwood Rocks - The Sequel! Pick up where our first activity left off and find out more about Charnwood's Geology.

Marvellous Microscopes!

What do you know about microscopes? Test your knowledge with our home schooling activity!

Half Term Activity

We know that it is half term but it doesn't feel like it, so we have another home school activity for you all. You might say this is our most difficult home school activity yet!

Charnwood Rocks - Part 1

Charnwood has some of the world's most interesting geology – find out more with this home school activity.

Charnia Masoni

Awesome Austers

Find out about the Auster Aircraft – what makes them special and how they were made:


Designers, Creators and Makers

Find out about some of the inventive designers, creators and makers that have called Charnwood home! Then have a go at designing and creating using the examples as inspiration.

The Brilliant Bronze Age

What do you know about the Bronze Age? Read the fact sheet and have a go at answering the questions!

Object Detectives - A to Z

How good are your observational skills and spelling? Have a good look around your home. You are the curator. Can you find an object for every letter?