The Chronicles of Charnia

The Chronicles of Charnia

The Chronicles of Charnia

Welcome to our Chronicles of Charnia page!

Here you will find a selection of short videos detailing some of the key stories and objects featured here at Charnwood Museum. More will be added, so make sure you keep checking back for the next instalment!

Volume 1 - The Auster Aircraft

Find out more about the locally made Auster Aircraft in this conversation with an employee of the firm that made them!

Volume 2 - The Barrow Kipper

Ever wanted to know more about the Barrow Kipper? Find out more in this conversation with an expert!

Volume 3 - The Beaumanor Chair

The Beaumanor Chair has seen a lot of history, find out about just a snippet of some of Beaumanor Hall's interesting stories!

Volume 4 - Bradgate Park

Famous for being the childhood home of Lady Jane Grey, Bradgate Park is well known across Leicestershire. Find out about life there in the Tudor period in this video.

Volume 5 - Education in Loughborough

Loughborough has a rich learning past...find out about it in this lesson!

Volume 6 - Ladybird Books

Loughborough is the original home of the iconic Ladybird Books. Find out a little bit more about them in this chat with an illustrator

Volume 7 - The Memorial Baths

Charnwood Museum used to be a swimming pool! You can find out all about the history of the swimming baths in this volume of the Chronicles of Charnia.

Volume 8 - Charnia

How a schoolboy fossil hunter changed the scientific world's understanding of early lifeforms

Volume 9 - John Heathcoat and Lacemaking

Find out about John Heathcoat, lace making by machine and the Luddites!

Volume 10 - The Zeppelin Raid

Did you know there was a zeppelin raid on Loughborough during the First World War? Find out more here